Thursday, March 12, 2009


So the last two weeks have been quite action-packed for me. Finishing up this quarter's Masters project proved more time consuming than initially expected, and I'm glad I started it a couple weeks early! I had to prepare elearning and classroom instruction modules that complemented each other for a new software application put in place by my client. This was an interesting project in that it really illustrated for me how instructional design as a field is beginning to merge with Human Performance Improvement/Technology (HPI/HPT), as I discussed in a post last month.

My client is in the process of integrating his training team with an application that tracks performance data of individuals and shifts to specific equipment metrics, and aids training personnel in working with their customers on how to best solve performance issues. They are getting a kind of visibility into performance improvement opportunities that my client's training group has not previously had, and the new functionality allows the training team to uncover solutions it had never considered in the past. This is about going beyond training, and getting into other HPI interventions that may be more capable of solving the performance issue.

There's an obvious caveat to the project however, in that training personnel can view individual job performance data. This can lead to sticky situations that can be hard to dial back if the application is misused. It's a good thing though that my client recognizes this and has already forged a partnership with HR and training's stakeholders to put in place rules to guard against misuse of data.

It's been a wonderful project, and a great opportunity to take part in such a significant new development for this client. I heartily thank my client for agreeing to let me help them with this effort, and in turn helping me with my studies and application. And, in the process of completing the project, I was able to test Captivate 4.0 thoroughly enough to do a write-up! I'll be posting that hopefully in the next couple of days. Stay tuned!

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