Monday, March 14, 2011

Reducing Duplication...

I read about this in T+D's news. The four life aspects - body, mind, home, and community - that are the focus of DailyFeats' model immediately reminded me of Stewart Friedman's Total Leadership, which I read last year. Both use a four part model that helps individuals quantify what they are doing in each part of their life. Friedman's model, however, is more complete, I think. Friedman focuses on an individual's four life "circles" - Self, Family, Profession, and Community. Friedman then provides tools to help one address each of these areas equally, in an effort to develop one's self as a leader.

Comparing the two is a bit problematic, as DailyFeats' video explanation shows their model as a bit more rudimentary a total concept than Friedman's. It does use a good system of encouragement by integrating a point system. Nevertheless, the parallels are there. I think Friedman's model is more complete, and I would recommend you to pick that up, but the DailyFeats model has the power of social media behind it. I see an opportunity to combine the two successfully.

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