Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Siftables: The Future of Interactive Learning?

I received a Tweet from Clive Shepherd of Clive On Learning this morning, and I must say the video he linked is very compelling. It's a demonstration of a new interactive interface that utilizes microcomputers within small block-sized instruments - called "Siftables" - with small LCD screens, and each block interacts and is aware of other blocks through wireless communication. This is definitely a new way of looking at learning and work, and adding in a level of interactivity that heretofore has not been possible, or cheap.

It's obvious from this demonstration that a lot of work went into the design of Siftables. The transferability of the technology between disciplines, and the inclusion of human gesturing into their functionality is remarkable. Looking at this from the perspective of a (prospective) parent, this is exactly the kind of "toy" I would want my child to have for education in their formative years. It also provides a world of possibilities for parents to interact with their children's learning.

Impressive stuff, and I will definitely follow this one.

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